....and just like that, autumn slips away and all color is muted as the grey winter rolls in.

The girls, while watching me edit a particularly gorgeous photo session one night commented on the leaves.  With a pang a guilt, I realized that being so caught up in the rush of work and life, that I had overlooked taking them out for pictures in the leaves.  I planned a day we would go out after they arrived home from school.  As the bus rolled to a stop in front of me, it seemed to drag dark billowing clouds behind it.  We packed up anyway and made our way to the park.  We arrived to blustery winds and a heavy cover a unrelenting clouds.  Undeterred, I trudged the girls forward, stopping only briefly at the playground on our way in.  As it turns out, the brief moment was just long enough for my daughter to loose her prized plastic bug that I told her not to bring.  We imagined him lost somewhere in the heaps of leaves.  A lonely yellow mantis staring up out of a sea of yellow fallen leaves.  So, our moods befitted the weather.  We walked on and the pouts turned into reluctant smiles which turned into honest giggles by the time we turned around.  Passing the playground on the way to the truck, I'm happy to report that Mr. Yellow Mantis was waiting for us, perched smugly atop the slide platform where he had watched us kick and sort leaves in his failed search and rescue mission.