I am not usually a flower photographer.  I should rephrase that.  I do shoot flowers and I get home and edit them and then there is always something missing for me.  They never speak to me.  They never make me feel.   This little twig that had blown from our pear tree was given to me by my daughters.  I loving plopped it into a small jar on set it on the windowsill by our kitchen sink.  Each morning, the light would shine so beautifully through the delicate petals that I would have to stop and look at it.   I just had to photograph it.  I used the Velvet 85 and this time when I loaded them onto the computer there was pure magic.  There was grace in the grain and a song in the bokah.  Ok, that's being way poetic....but there it was....the missing piece for me.  The art.  The soul.  My art, my soul.  So I finally captured a flower that made my heart sing.

I'm in love with the Lensbaby Velvet 85.  To see more of my work with this lens, click here.