about Ashlee.

I'm a mother and a wife.  I crave the sun and am inexplicably drawn to the ocean. I love long road trips and am most a peace when I'm hiking.  I collect vintage photos and old books.  My girls and I look for treasures everywhere we go, most of which ends up going through the wash at the end of the day.      I am an indie perfume designer, crafting perfumes since 2002 with my business Wylde Ivy

When I am not doing all of the above (or more importantly while I am doing all of the above) I love creating art with my camera.

Photography is my soul.   

about Malily. 

Malily Photography is named after my twin daughters Maya and Lily.  It was only fitting to name my art after them as they are my muses, my passion, and my driving force behind my photography journey.

I have an unabashed love for black and white photography. 

I am self taught and have spent years studying the technical aspects of photography from exposure, lighting, composition to artistic aspects such as fine and classical art.




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